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  • Designed to enhance power transmission efficiency by giving even stress over tension member with a special section all shape of narrower top width and taller height, special raw materials and production technique.
Construction Functions Materials
Top fabric Protection for the tension member Cotton, Synthetic fabric
Tension member Primary material for transferring power Polyester, Aramid
Compression rubber Sectional shape maintaining by side pressure CR
Bottom rubber Shock absorption and prevention from compression rubber crack CR

CR : Chloroprene Rubber

Measure of section

Measure of section
Width() Height() Angle
3VX Type 9.7 8.0 40
5VX Type 15.8 13.5 40
SPZX Type 9.7 8.0 40
SPAX Type 12.7 10.0 40
SPBX Type 16.3 13.0 40
SPCX Type 22.0 18.0 40