Classical V-BeltClose


  • Cover fabrics enhance durability by protecting inner parts.
  • Specially designed cords enhance durability and length stability.
  • Excellent in resistance against heat, oil and wear.
  • Safe use is ensured by preventing static electricity.
  • Enhances power transmission efficiency by reducing slip.
Features of Classical V-Belt
Construction Functions Materials
Cover fabric Protection for the tension member Cotton, Synthetic fabric
Tension member Primary material for transfer of power Polyester, Aramid
Top compression rubber Maintenance of belt shape(upper) NR, CR
Adhesive rubber Support and protection of tension member adhesion NR, CR
Bottom compression rubber Belt shape maintaining(lower) NR, CR

NR : Natural Rubber / CR : Chloroprene Rubber

Measure of section

Measure of section of Classical V-Belt
Width() Height() Angle
M Type 10.0 5.5 40
A Type 12.5 9.0 40
B Type 16.5 11.0 40
C Type 22.0 14.0 40
D Type 31.5 19.0 40
E Type 38.0 24.0 40