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Engineering Engineering


DRB conducts architectural engineering work for performance-based design of structures, seismic isolation vibration control device and structure design, and composite beam design.

Performance-based design

DRB applies state-of-the-art design methodology according to global trends in seismic design. It introduced the seismic performance evaluation of existing structures and the nonlinear static analysis and time history analysis technique for new structures, and conducts performance-based design.


  • The use of highly accurate Perform-3D
  • Verified by a group of domestic experts

Composite beam design

We use the design technology optimized for the composite beam system we developed independently to reduce the amount of steel frames by 30~40% compared to general steel frames. We create the best combination through accurate VE.


  • DRB uses 3D modeling to measure the stress of members and perform detailed design of the composite beam.
  • DRB Proposes optimal plans by analyzing the economic feasibility of full or partial applications.

DRB Korea(HQ) : TEL. +82-2-2168-9141, FAX. +82-2-2672-6423