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Ethics Management

Code of Ethics of DRB

As ethical management is DRB's core value, all members of the company recognize the importance of and actively put into practice ethical values in their decision-making and business activities.

Chapter 1. General provisions

1. Scope of application

1.1 This Code of Ethics shall apply to all members of DRB (hereinafter referred to as "members").
1.2 Affiliated companies may operate separate ethical standards as long as they do not violate DRB's ethical management ideology and policies.

2. Reporting of and response to violations of the Code of Ethics

2.1 When a member becomes aware of a violation of the Code of Ethics, he or she shall, without delay, report such violation to his or her manager, relevant department, or the audit department.
2.2 When a member makes a decision or engages in activities in violation of the Code of Ethics, he or she may be subject to investigation under relevant internal regulations and be subject to disciplinary action accordingly.
2.3 When a member has violated the Code of Ethics, the company shall prevent the reoccurrence of such violation by thoroughly identifying the relevant cause and providing proper training programs.

3. Review of Code of Ethics and request for opinions

3.1 The audit department may periodically review compliance with the Code of Ethics, and an auditor shall conduct verification thereof.
3.2 In the event an interpretation of the Code of Ethics is unclear, members can request that the audit department provide relevant opinions.

Chapter 2. Code of Ethics for members

1. Compliance with laws and fair provision of work

1.1 Members shall respect market orders, comply with relevant legal provisions in all activities of DRB, and conduct their work in a fair and ethical manner.
1.2 Members shall not engage in illegal money-laundering or insider-trading activities.
1.3 Members shall not direct or compel their fellows or subordinate employees to conduct their work in an unfair or unethical manner. In the event a member is subject to such direction or compulsion, they shall not comply therewith.

2. Prohibition of the provision or receipt of money or entertainment

2.1 Members shall not receive money, gifts, or entertainment from interested parties, including their transacting parties.
2.2 Members shall not provide money, gifts, or entertainment beyond the acceptable social norms to interested parties, including their transacting parties, with respect to the company's businesses.
2.3 Members also shall not provide money, excessive gifts, or entertainment to each other.

3. Prevention of conflicts of interest

3.1 Members should try to avoid any conflict of interest with the company. In the event a conflict of interest occurs, between the company and a member or department, members should prioritize the interests of the company.

4. Protection and prohibition of use of internal information

4.1 Members shall strictly control and protect all information of the company and customers they obtain in the course of conducting their work, and they shall not disclose or privately use such information.
4.2 Members shall be prohibited from trading stocks using internal confidential information obtained in the course of conducting their work, and shall not provide a third party with any undisclosed information that may affect the prices of securities without first completing all lawful procedures.

5. Prevention of sexual harassment

5.1 Members shall not use any language or engage in any activity that may undermine colleagueship, including physical, linguistic, or visual activities that may be found to cause sexual humiliation.

6. Compliance with Code of Ethics

6.1 Members shall sincerely comply with the Code of Ethics. In the event a member violates the Code of Ethics, he or she shall be held responsible for his or her actions.

Chapter 3. Ethics for customers, shareholders, and business partners

1. Respect and protection of customers

1.1 DRB shall think and act from the perspectives of customers, while keeping in mind that the growth of customers translates to the growth of DRB, and make efforts to ensure customer satisfaction by considering social responsibility and providing products and services that can satisfy and be relied upon by customers.
1.2 DRB shall provide accurate information, products, services, etc., to customers, and shall not provide false information.
1.3 DRB shall protect the interests, safety, and personal information of customers and shall not engage in unreasonable activities in relation to customers.
1.4 DRB shall provide products and services that prioritizes safety of customers, and complies with all consumer protection laws.

2. Protection of shareholders and investors

2.1 DRB shall protect the rights of shareholders and accept reasonable requests and proposals of shareholders.
2.2 DRB shall treat all shareholders, including minority shareholders, in a fair and equal manner.
2.3 DRB shall make efforts to ensure that the interests and rights of minority shareholders are not unreasonably infringed upon in making business management judgments by considering all interests involved.
2.4 DRB shall manage and record its financial status and business performance accurately and transparently, in accordance with accounting standards, and allow investors and users of such information to make reasonable investment decisions by providing such information in a timely manner and in accordance with relevant laws.

3. Respect for business partners and competitors

3.1 DRB shall make common developments by establishing mutual trust and cooperative relationships through fair transactions with its business partners.
3.2 DRB shall not compel its business partners to engage in any form of unreasonable activity or unduly influence its business partners by taking advantage of its superior position, and respect the business partners physical and intellectual property rights.
3.3 DRB shall respect the fair and free market economy order according to the principle of free competition and compete fairly with its competitors.
3.4 DRB shall respect the fair trade order and comply with fair trade-related laws.

Chapter 4. Social responsibilities and contributions

1. Compliance with domestic and foreign laws

1.1 DRB shall comply with not only domestic laws, as a member of the nation and local community, but also relevant internationally accepted laws.

2. Contributions to national economy and social development

2.1 DRB shall contribute to the development of the national economy and society by improving productivity, creating jobs, properly paying taxes, and making social contributions.

3. Environmental protection

3.1 DRB shall make efforts to protect and preserve the environment.